Commercial Property & Business Finance
Commercial Property & Business Finance

Release Capital

Do you own your business premises?

We are helping businesses across the North West raise capital by purchasing their premises and leasing either the whole or part of the premises back, raising capital by utilising your premises to unlock funds.

Raising capital this way allows you invest in your business to help it grow and expand, no need to move or disrupt your business in any way, you can even have the option to buy the premises back at a later date if required.

Advantages of Raising Funds Through Your Business Property;

1. No Business Disruption
No need to move premises or disrupt your business, giving business continuity to customers and suppliers alike.

2. Quick and Easy Process
We can handle the sale quickly and simply using solicitors who do this everyday.

3. Releases Locked Capital
Business premises are often the largest ‘dead’ asset a business owns, I use the word dead as it does not directly generate sales, the life blood of any business, by releasing your locked capital your business can invest and flourish.

4. Future Buy Back Option
Unique to ICW Capital we can offer you the option to buy the premises back at a later date, if you so wish.

No Disruption, Easy Process, Cash Quickly & Buy Back Option

Please contact Ian for an informal chat about how we could help 0161 818 8587